England Is All

Canterbury, the sports & lifestyle apparel brand has always had a passionate, proud and rich heritage with rugby, and all that comes with the sport. Passionate about the kits they make, pride for all those who are involved in the sport; from the groundsmen and the trainers to the fans and the players. When Canterbury acquired the Sponsorship deal from Nike for the England rugby team, working with Pentland, they wanted to communicate all of this as well as launch their new kit. We realised that Canterbury shares the same level of passion and pride for rugby with the people of England (the fans of the team). We decided not to talk about Canterbury but instead talk about England, all that rugby means and how it brings the nation together. David Bailey shot a series of portraits that included the England rugby team, reserves, groundsmen, trainers & fans to help capture the England Is All concept.

We researched, interviewed and filmed all those involved in some way with English rugby (who were also shot for the print campaign). The result was a series of interesting, intriguing, heart-felt, everyday and epic Canterbury tales. The tales ranged from proud memories of fans, insights from groundsmen to the struggles of female players and epic moments re-told by the England team players:

The England Is All launch film:

Tease campaign and digital integration: