Waiting & Watching

Whilst Marcel Wanders was busy designing the interior for the much-hyped Mandarina Duck store, located on London’s Conduit street, the rest of us were simply waiting to see the result. As the store edged closer to completion, this press pack was created, aimed at industry opinion leaders to help promote the opening of the new retail space of the Italian fashion and lifestyle brand.

Waiting‘ was the concept of the film: Albert Einstein once said “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it feels like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour and it feels like a minute“. With this in mind, the press pack explored and played with viewers perception of time. A girl was filmed (wearing garments from Mandarina Duck’s latest collection) waiting outside the soon-to-be-opened retail & concept space. The girl appears to be waiting for someone or something to happen and at the same time those who watched the film also experienced the same feelings as they waited to find out what the girl was waiting for. The film never resolves and the girl we’ve been watching simply walks off screen. The point being that the process of waiting in itself is about the lead up to something and the journey, rather than any end result.

The film was presented on a CD and packaged with an easy-to-put-together mechanism, so that a clock could be made. In a subtle experiential manor this clock was like no other as it played around further with our audiences perception of time. The numbers on the dial were rearranged so that one full 360 degree rotation of the clock hands (60 minutes as we know it to be) was shown as being just 10 minutes, helping to demonstrate Einstein’s comment—Watching a beautiful girl for an hour could feel as if only a few minutes had passed!

A window installation was also created to help support the ‘Waiting‘ message—A large clock was hung in the glass-fronted door of the unopened Conduit street store. Again, playing with peoples perception of time, the clock’s mechanism was taken apart and rebuilt so time could be sped up — One full 360 degree rotation of the clock hands around the dial was completed in just 10 minutes.