Body Craze / Face Paint

Window installation created as part of the Selfridges ‘Body Craze event. Using ‘colour matching’ technology to create a physical portrait, by using home decorating paint cans that were filled with the many and subtly different hues and shades of one woman’s facial skin tones.

By breaking the face into a mosaic grid then colour sampling/matching each of the various skin tones, made it possible for the face to be physically recreated with sample-sized decorating paint cans, in the store window located on Oxford Street, London. (Each can was labelled with the colour inside each can.)

Passers-by that were on their way to shop in Selfridges, may attempt to choose furniture or other bits of home-ware, that are in some way personal to them. After seeing the window installation, shoppers may want to consider painting their living room or bedroom with the actual colour and tone of their skin, for a home interior that truly would reflect each personality in a subtle and very individual way!