Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Posters

Normally, one must stay in control and one must try their best to walk the line. One must, where possible, set an example for everyone else. But for one day back in June, this was not the case. For June 2nd was no normal day, which meant putting a spin on some very old yet traditional laws of the United Kingdom, so that each and every one who lives and works in our great nation would be certain to enjoy Queen Elizabeth II one and only Diamond Jubilee.

In this series of commemorative Jubilee posters, we mocked the reverence of the Jubilee by giving ‘orders’ from the Queen on how to enjoy oneself during the Royal Jubilee celebrations. Working with Dave Bell (the Creative Director of communications agency KesselsKramer London), the limited edition posters were sold at the agency gallery & bookstore — KK Outlet.